MapHook and The Beat want you to help us break a really big story!

MapHook is a location based social network that let's you create digital memories (pictures, reviews, comments and more), tag them to a map and share them. You can create and view Hooks with our free iPhone app or through our website. Groups of Hooks can be combined into a Story which can be shared online.

MapHook is exhibiting at New York Comic Con to introduce ourselves to the comics community and we've asked Heidi MacDonald at The Beat to help us. Heidi suggested we try to share the story of the convention through MapHook. Cool booths, awesome creators, celebrity guests, interesting panels, creative costumes, after hour parties--there is too much going on at the show for any one person to see! But if we all join together and create Hooks sharing just a few of the things we see, together we can tell the whole New York Comic Con Story through the eyes of the fans. The Beat will be creating Hooks. MapHook will be creating Hooks. Now we just need you.

Download our free iPhone app and create an account then snap some pics or make some comments as you explore the show. Don't have an iPhone? No problem!  You get all the same features when you create an account and use our website to make Hooks so just bring your camera and create your Hooks when you get back to your computer after the show. Either way, you can be a part of this community effort. Create your Hooks under New York Comic Con, the first entry in our new Geek Culture category. After the show, we will be rolling out even more entries in the Geek Culture category to reflect the many passions of our community. And be sure to link your Twitter to MapHook when you create your account so you can automatically push a tweet with a preview each time you create a Hook! We can’t wait to meet everyone at New York Comic Con and look forward to telling this story together.

Don’t know where to start? The Beat and MapHook have some can't miss suggestions for you:

Hook Ideas from The Beat:  Hook Ideas from MapHook:
  • Hero Initiative (Booth #333)
  • Publishers Weekly/The Beat (Booth #534)
  • Cultyard designer toy area
  • Artist's Alley
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
  • Someone in costume
  • Any panel or IGN Theater presentation
  • Your favorite publisher's booth
  • 38 Studios (Booth #2257) or Wizards of the Coast (Booth #1624)
  • MapHook (Booth #2184)

To make it easy to see who else is part of building this story, stop by and see us in Booth 2184. If you've already created an account or if you create one with us there we'll give you a badge ribbon. Come by and show us you have created all of the suggested Hooks on either list and we have more for you. Create all of the Hook ideas from both lists by October 13 and you will be entered into a drawing for one of 5 prize packages. Prize packages will include an assortment of goodies we'll be picking up around the show. Follow @MapHook and @Comixace on Twitter where we will be announcing the contents throughout the weekend. If you have any questions, email us at

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